Lets NOT forget the nice insurance company!

I was insured by MSM Annual Standard Annual Multi-Trip (21 Days Per Trip) for myself & my lovely wife, which started on 05/11/2010 from the Moneysupermarket.com website and their policy denial team at Mondial assistance.

Alas they seem not to want to pay out no surprise there eh? seems a 5 day delay due to snow wasn’t actually a insurable item so another writedown to my stupidty in insuring myself or rather thinkig that I had really bought insurance not a chocolate box policy


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Street photography

My name is Paul Atkinson, I have been taking photos for almost 55 years, a full bloodied photographer for almost 50 years

I prefer candid shoots, some call it street photography nowadays coupled with paying web design & photojournalism work, I am concetrating on live music / bands see http://online-gallery.com/

I currently combine both photographic images both film and digital with web design,

I also manage web and email servers, some thing that grew from the first time I saw you could put pictures on a web page back in 1994! in those days you had to make it work yourself with no short cuts.

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